Ariel Marrero

Ariel is a 12 yr old girl who is basically a medical mystery.She has seen countless doctors who are still trying to figure out what's wrong with her.She has been losing cognitive function and at the age of 12 comprehends like a 5 yr old.We still don't know why,but we are hoping to figure things out soon.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hello friends,Sorry it's been so long between blogs.I have been mainly updating on Daniel's site about what's going on with Ariel,but I figure I should keep with her own site.Things have been busy and hectic.We went to Disneyland in May and had a great time.We spent 5 days there and 1 at Sea world.I didn't feel like we had enough time at Sea World though.We have been doing lots of outings with Starlight in Oregon and it's been a lot of fun.We've been to the zoo,The Beavers Game,had lunch with Astronauts and went to the circus.They really spoil us and it's been great.

Ariel healthwise has still been having lots of issues between Tenosynovitis,numerous sprains and breaks on her wrists,IBS and Epilepsy not to mention her cognitive impairment things have been tough.She's been sick with the flu bug for 5 weeks poor thing,but does seem to be doing better.Well I need to get Nick off to work.God bless,Linn

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ariel and her friend Heaven having a good time at The Incredibles on ice.It was a great show and the girls had a great time.Unfortunately we realized when we parked we had a flat ,but praise God we were atleast there and not on the freeway and AAA was just around the corner,so after the show we called and they fixed it in about 10 minutes.Unfortunately the day we went to this even Ariel fell down that night and broke her wrist ,so now she has a lovely hot pink cast.This week we are busy making preperations for relatives arrival on Monday.We hope to take them to Victoria if the weather permits.We are also of course getting ready for Thanksgiving,so I have a lot of cleaning and shopping to do this weekend.Well gotta go things to do.Linn

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hello friends,Sorry it's taken so long to update here,but life has been busy.Ariel's doing ok right now,but has been having problems again with memory and tummy issues again.She will be seeing Neuro this week and a GI doc and orthopedist in November.Right now we are sick with the flu.I can't seem to shake it and it's mighty miserable having this stuff.We have some fun events coming up.We are going to a kangaroo farm on Saturday and may be going to Portland.Please sign Ariel's guestbook and let her know you stopped by.God bless,Linn

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ariel had a great time fishing today.We went to a Cast for Kids event and it was wonderful.There was so much for the kids,from fishing,new tackle boxes,rods and reels,t-shirts,hats & life jackets,to face painting,barbecues and plaques.We had a wonderful day and I want to thank all the wonderful families who volunteered.This is Ariel and her new friend Kira from the cast event.Ariel had her Endoscopy this week and again they saw nothing.The G.I. doc thinks her swallowing problems are Neurological.Hopefully the Genetecist can give us some answers.Please keep Ariel in your prayers that we get some answers for her.God bless,Linn

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lots going on with Miss Ariel these days.Tuesday we went to her speech lessons and she did very well.We are thinking that the anti epileptic meds are helping her retain things better.Wednesday we went to the Genetecist and went over everything.She said she will take a month and gather up all Ariel and Daniel's labs,MRI's,x-rays,biopsies and records and go through everything with a fine toothed comb.She said after a month she will get back to us and tell us what blood work and labs she wants done and any muscle biopsies she may like.She seems very determined to find an answer.I sure hope so it's so frustrating knowing somethings wrong and not knowing why.Friday we went to Ariel's Neuro and she was officially diagnosed with Epilepsy and cognitive impairment or Encephalopothy,which is a fancy name for the same thing.He said I guarantee you there will be more diagnosis for her.He believes she may have Mitochondrial disease.Especially since it can manifest in so many different ways.Thursday she is supposed to be getting an Endoscopy to see what's going on with her tummy,since she has so many issues with it right now.She's on 3 different tummy meds right now just to eat and I told them something isn't right here.I need to check my insurance though to see if Endoscopy is covered or we may have to postpone it.Well need to get ready for church.God bless,Linn

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hello friends,Sorry I have been so bad at updating things are just busy,busy and about to get busier with school starting.So far all labs look okay with the exception of one and I'm not going to get into that one until I talk to Ariel's Neuro because it may be something or nothing.We went to the Genetecist today and she's going to take a month going over all Ariel & Daniel's records and seeing if she can find anything big picture going on.I sure hope she can figure out something.Then she will do more labs and possible biopsies.So more waiting Ugh!!!! Friday we go to Neuro so he may offer some light on things hopefully.Well you all enjoy the last few days of summer.God bless,Linn

Monday, August 14, 2006

Hello friends,Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.Even though I know a lot of you read Ariel's updates on Daniel's page as I often put them there.Things are going okay in our neck of the woods.Doctors,doctors and more doctors.Ariel underwent labs for another whole host of things like Mitochondrial Disease,Fragile x,DNA and Chromosonal testing whew!They take a while to get back like a month,but aleast they aren't as scary as the Krabbe and MLD.Friday she went to the doctor,because she pulled ligaments and sprained her arm.She's in a hard splint and we see the Orthopedist today.Poor girl can't ever get a break as far as hurting herself goes.I think it's because of the Absence seizures where she's blanking out all the time.We are hoping to go to the beach again and do some more fun things before we have to head back to school.We will also be heading to the geneticist at the end of August.Well I have an appointment myself.God bless,Linn